Taurillon Leather

Taurillon leather is a very specific kind of bovine leather.  At Michino, we use Taurillon leather from the French tannery Remy Carriat. Taurillon falls in the bovine category of leathers which includes not only Taurillon leather but also calfskin and cowhides.  The rarity of the Taurus animal makes the taurillon leather more expensive that common cowhides and the type of animal being more robust makes Taurillon leather more resistant than standard calfskin.  In general, calfskin is considered more luxurious than cowhide and many luxury brands will mainly use calfskin.  Taurillons leather on the other hand is considered non only luxurious but also resistant due to the nature of leather.  The fibre of the leather are more compact which makes Taurillon leather the perfect type of leather for everyday usage. 
Luxury brands such Hermes uses Taurillon leather, in fact our leather is also from the same supplier and the same article as Taurillons Clemence.  For those who are leather connaisseurs, you’ll immediately recognize the grain and the hand feel.  We love using Taurillons to create our bags such as the Lutece Bag or our bucket bag : Odeon bag because the leather is luxurious, scratch resistant, rare with limited supply - noble materials are important in the making of beautiful and qualitative bags.  
Our Taurillons leathers are produced in the Basque region of France near Saint-Jean-de-Lutz, once the leathers are tanned, they are shipped to Florence and crafted with the best italian leather craftsmanship.