The Roborock Vacuum Cleaners( lineup contains a series of different modes including the Roborock S7 vs. S6 vs. MaxV vs. S6 Pure vs. S6 and S5 Max.

It’s a bit of a slur to cover all the current versions, however this guide will break down things you need to learn about each model.

Here’s a list of the different and innovation features you’re getting with each new model.

Roborock S6 MaxV: The S6 MaxV consists of upgrades over the S5 models by including advanced obstacle avoidance as well as an electric water valves for better mopping cycles. It makes use of a barrier evasion AI and also front dealing with cams for improved navigating. The S6 MaxV is the only design in this list with innovative challenge avoidance.

Roborock S6 Pure: The S6 Pure has a somewhat smaller sized dirt bin ability contrasted to the S6, yet also has a larger mopping container capability, 180mL on the S6 Pure compared to 140mL on the S6. Aside from this difference, the function is the same as the S6.

Roborock S6: The S6 has a slightly bigger dirt container capability over the S5 Max as well as the S6 Pure. It can hold up to 480 mL dry debris compared to only 460 mL on the other versions.

Roborock S5 Max: The S5 Max has more than double the mop tank capacity of the S6 as well as S6 Pure (container stands up to 290 mL of water). It additionally has the same electrical water valves like on the S6 MaxV as well as S7 models. The mopping feature is still exist, but the S5 Max gets the nod due to it has a larger water reservoir.Best Handheld Vacuum(Best Handheld Vacuum)


To examine the vacuum cleaner's cleaning performance, we tested it on three different floor types (hardwoods, low pile carpet, and high pile carpet), with four different types of debris (grain, rice, kitty litter, and sugar).

The S6 MaxV had great performance on hardwoods and struggled progressively more on the carpet cleaning tests.

The main problem here was its difficulty getting rid of sugar. Of all debris to have issues with, it’s not totally uncommon for robot vacuums to have problems cleaning granulated sugar from carpet fibers.

On the whole, the S6 was remarkable on hardwood floors and struggled a little bit on carpet floors. If your home does have amount of carpet you’ll want to utilize the S6 on Max cleaning mode to remove the most debris out. 

All other Roborock models average around 32 minutes each room cleaning. The S6 and S5 Max average nearly about 28 minutes per room. eufy robovac 25c(eufy robovac 25c’s post about

Mopping Performance

The Roborock S7 is the guaranteed standout in terms of mopping performance. It removed a lot more dirt as well as dust from floors than the other designs we tested. The larger water tank, electronic water valves, auto lift mopping head, and sonic scrubbing arm brush work together to wonderful result.

Performance on the S6 MaxV, S5, and S6 were all quite similar. They all eliminated about the exact same level of dirt and dust from floors. The main difference in these versions is less about mopping performance and much more about mopping coverage. The S6 MaxV and S5 Max both have bigger water tanks(so does the S7). These larger tanks enable greater mopping coverage. The custom mopping zones on the S5 are terrific and for some reason do not display at all with the mobile interface for the S6. Small Vacuum Cleaner(


So talking specifically about the style, each of these Roborocks are in fact rather similar.

The controls on all of these Roborocks are simple and follow one of two different styles:2-button design or 3-button design. Functions include: starts or stops a cleaning cycle, sends out the vacuum back to the charging station.

You wouldn’t recognize all this just by looking at it. The Roborock S6 wisely maintains the Roborock S5’s award-winning industrial design, including its clean white surface, and it’s approximately the same dimensions. Behind the top-side turret mounting the robot’s laser distance sensor is the familiar lid-accessible compartment with a 0.6-liter dustbin, and also a cleaning tool for untangling hair from the major brush.

Flip it over, though, and you’ll see the first of its upgrades. The main roller brush has the same rubber-and-bristle material as the S5, yet the bristles on the S6 are softer and more thick—250-percent more dense, according to Roborock, making them harder on dust without damaging your floors. Likewise new, the bearings on either side of the brush can be removed, making it easier to disentangle both pet hair and human hair.

The spinning side brush has been spruced up as well. The bristles are gone, changed by five strips of silicone, each split partway in half. This new design is evidently extra efficient for sweeping debris into the vacuum’s vent.

The mopping module also has a popular addition. An easy switch enables you to select how much water dampens the mopping cloth. That means, you can now control the water flow rate on both the S5 Max and S6 robots. The lesser level it gives suffices for maintenance cleaning, and it leaves your floor with a light sheen of dampness. The higher level offers more water for softening stains, making them less complicated to remove. eufy robovac(eufy Robovac’s article about


All of the Roborock versions here use the same LIDAR navigation system for mapping and navigating. They all have mapping, which enables them to build a digital floor plan of the areas it has actually cleaned.

Then the vacuums can save this map to use with Selective Room technology, which makes for smarter, much more effective scheduled cleaning cycles. In addition, you can schedule each selected room for cleaning at a different time. 

The one design exception to this good (yet more fundamental) navigation is the Roborock S6 MaxV. This design features advanced obstacle detection and avoidance that almost goebeyond all other models in this review. We’ve been continually impressed with the performance. As a testimony to the S6 MaxV's precision, they also go as far as to include some artificial testing matter.Best Vacuum Cleaner(a long blog content from Best Vacuum Cleaner)

Best Features

Wondering what functions are included with these Roborocks? Here’s a fast rundown of two best features:

Smart Control

All of the Roborocks included in this test have the capability to be controlled utilizing a smart device like your phone (using the mobile app) or voice control (when matched with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant).Utilizing the app, you can adjust power modes, mop settings, schedule cleanings, view maintenance records, establish cleaning zones, etc.

Smart Mapping

All Roborocks listed here all have smart mapping. In the Smart home app, you can see a digital map of the spaces that Roborock has actually cleaned upAfter several times cleaning your floor surfaces these robot vacuums are going to have more than enough data to map out the most efficient route possible.

Each version in this review can save the map for future usage. With a saved map, you can go into the app, tag particular spaces, establish no-go areas, and more.

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