Rio de janeiro FW20

Pain de sucre

Of course, you cannot not see the Pain de Sucre of Rio, but have you thought about climbing it yet along really climbing with ropes with a guide? There is a park underneath and you can actually hike up to a certain point… and if you an avid climber, you can organise a climbing trip to the top. For the rest of us… there is a cable car.

Feria de gloria

On the weekends, right down the hill of Santa Teresa is the local market of Gloria. From fresh flowers to fruits, butchers to vintage clothing… and a samba music on the back and lots of locals doing their shopping… mingle to feel you’re doing your weekly grocery… It has an authentic feel and you would want to try every food stand. Eat with your eyes is the key.


Home to the one and only French aesthete and antique furniture dealer Jean-Michel. We all need to have a Jean Michel on our lives and a couple of vintage Brazilian furniture at home. Add some exotic flowers, the best view of Rio from the hills of Santa Teresa, the best healthy breakfast served by a charming Carioca, jump into the pool of in front of what was once a an aristocratic mansion in the height of Rio’s artistic and opulent past. A must stay.


It’s very hard to decide which beach is our favorite, we love all three… to decide, the best is to walk (or run) the whole entire strip of the sandy beaches! And afterwards, you’ll know it will be even harder to answer the very same question…!


It’s in Nitroi and it’s about a forty minute drive from Rio. It’s a phenomenal piece of architecture and if you’re lucky enough to be in Rio, make your self even more luckier by visiting this piece of art which is the museum of modern art. It’s a space ship from a far, a sculpture from below and from the inside, you’ll see the vast bay that leads to the Altantic and beyond for a spectacular view – that’s very different from the Rio we have in our mind, but it’s also a part of Rio, too. In short, it’s gotta be on your to-do list!

Los-Angeles SS20


The part of LA where you can actually walk instead of driving in Abbot Kinney. And who says Abbot Kinney says Gjelina! It’s a place you won’t want to miss. And make sure to reserve.


If you’re staying at the Shutters like we were,it’s right in front of the hotel. Even if you’re not the type that would do rollercoasters andamusement parks… well you know what, Santa Monica piers would be an acception. You kind of want to make that exception… Check it out.


Right in front of the ocean in front of the Santa Monica piers and not so far away from Venice Beach – it’s the perfect place to stay and reason to wake up early to start your day with jogging along the coast. From the edge of Venice beach to the beginning of the PCH (Pacific Coastal Highway).

Have you ever thought of taking a selfie near the HOLLYWOOD sign on the hills? Well, this is it! And did somebody tell you, it’s quite a hike up? Well, now you know. Put those sneakers on and make sure you have a hat or sunscreen and a bottle of water.



Great for a late lunch and dropping in for a coffee late afternoon. You never know if a celebrity might walk in any minute, but you also don’t want to stare – go discreetly with your big sunglasses. We love every single dish at the Butcher’s Daughter and wouldn’t mind eating or taking out every single meal of the week!

Also known as the Pacific Coastal Highway. For those living in California is another highway on the coast, but everyone else, I am talking about the strip of concrete from LA to Malibu. Not only do you feel like you were actually in a car advertising while driving, it just makes you feel your trip to LA was so much worth it. consider staying at Malibu and not coming back.


Berlin FW19


The downtown feel of this hip hotel with a coffee shop on the ground floor will make you feel at home from the moment you walk in. Not exactly in the center of Berlin but we love the chill and cozy feeling of this hotel. It’s everything we would expect from a stay in Berlin. Borrow a bike and you’ll be strolling in town in couple of minutes!


Every time we hit Berlin, it’s an address not to be missed. There is always an interesting exhibition going on and we’ve always discovered photographers we didn’t know update your knowledge on contemporary photography!


Once you’ve done all the galleries and did some shopping in Mitte, a drink at the Monkey bar is a great place to finish the day, wine down and take a big gulp of German beer while watching the sunset over Berling. A melancholic sunset that you’ll only see in Berlin and the beer tastes so much better with it!
It looks more like a space ship than an opera house and once you go near you’ll see all the details of the walls, the ceramic, the metal fittings – it’s an architectural wonder piece.



Whether you’re a fan of Helmut Newton or not, it’s worth a visit. It’s simply the place where you’ll see the most of his important works under one roof. Fashion meets art meets photography.

Capetown ss19


Look no further for the best hotel in Cape Town. South African hospitality at its best. The architecture, the decor and the environemt tells you much about the
incredible history of this country. It’s chic, tasteful and confortable, you might not want to leave the hotel…


A lovely house on the hill turned into a restaurant – the decor also says you’re in a country where different cultures have laid bricks to form the nation. We could be in Europe by the decor, but by the proportion of the meals, we could be in the US. For those of you who want to try Ostrich meat or if you’re vegan… there’s plenty of choice for everyone.


The downtown vibes of the Kloof street is a hangout for the locals – a casual, chill, trendy place to have and easy night out.


Why not finish your day with live jazz music and a cocktail in the hand while contemplating on the sunset at the most southern city of the Southern Hemisphere? One of the things we saw is the vibrant colors of sunset that seemed more colorful and wild. The Piano bar is an annex to a charming hotels right in the center of the city, too!


The colorful painted houses of bo’kap rode is now one of the symbols of Cape Town. What you may not have known is that the street and the houses are the Muslim quarter of the city. Cape Town is the melting pot of different people of color, religion and native languages. You’ll be in awe the diversity of the people that makes up South Africa and it’s amazing to see and meet different people of all walks of life. The street has now become also a fancy shopping street and you’ll find some nice local designers selling uniques pieces on the boutiques facing the colorful houses.

Paris FW18


One of favorite restaurants of the city. Eat at the counter if you’re alone or on a date. We love Cyril for his cuisine but also for his amicable spirit. The Saint Germain atmosphere feels more homier and less snooty all of a sudden. French cozy cuisine with hints of Japanese umami… you’ll want to go back every time you’re in Paris.
You have to go at 5h59pm for an early drink otherwise, the tiny bar will be packed by 6H10pm. The best place for the good old Martini dry, it’s a classic. Something like the Harry’s bar of
Venice… You might bump into Quentin Tarantino discussing about his next film. Everyone is friendly, chic and you might even forget that you were in Paris for a split second, but once you get out of the tiny bar, the Ritz and its endless corridor of luxury will reminds you, yes you are at Place Vendome after all.


If you’re looking for a luxurious stay without paying the cost of palace hotels in Paris, this hotel is for you. Hiddenin the center of Paris, next to Palais Royal and the Louvre at your footsteps – it’s so central, it’s the most convenient spot to go left to the Marais, on the right towards Champs Elysées, downwards to Saint Germain and upwards to the Sacre Coeur. Perhaps the key point is that you can spend hours at the Palais Royal park which is really our favorite spot in the city.


Probably one of the nicest terraces to dine out. Apicius is both an institution for classy French food and also a fantastic place to impress your guests for birthdays, celebration and other occasions of importance. It has another worldly atmosphere that is quite in juxtaposition from the hustle and bustle of the daily Parisian life.


Saint-Barth SS18


In our opinion, the most beautiful beach of St Barth, if not the most beautiful beach of the world. It’s not big, it’s not small, the white sand and the perfect amount of waves – everything makes it the ideal beach that you just want to keep on going back. It’s addictive.


With the million dollar view of the Gustavia harbor, it’s the most popular hang out for cocktails and fine dining on the island. The Latin American cuisine mixed with refined French service and culinary culture. Bonito is French Caribbean dining at its best. Don’t miss out the ceviches and sea bass from our favorites.


It’s probably the only island that has the most number of 5 star hotel. In the 27km2 that makes us this tiny French gem of the
Caribbean, it can be a daunting task to choose the right hotel for your stay. If it’s your very first time on the island, opt for
a hotel. If you’re a regular, a villa rental would make more sense. Christopher Hotel is a great choise for the relaxed traveller that wants the best of everything. Relaxation at the Sisley spa, the sunset view from the pool, a down to earth feeling while being one of the luxurious property
on the island, but not at all pretentious. It’s located on the Point Milou which is one of the most beautiful part of the island.


You could be in Italy when you walk in. No, you’re still in the heart of Gustavia. Probably the best rated restaurant on the Island, from the fresh pasta to the home made tiramisu, you cannot make a wrong choice and you’ll be craving to go back for the magical experience. If you’re in the mood for city feel because you’ve just spent the whole week on the beach, L’Isola is a return to city glamour and perfect for date nights.


Could there be a villa that is more romantic than Bel Amour? Located on the tip of Point Milou (our favorite part of St Barth), the villa over looks the bay of St Jean, ST Martin and Anguilla on the horizon. This is the perfect villa for a couple in search for soul time and reconnecting with nature. The mural painting by Jean Charles de Castelbajac and carefully and tastefully chosen pieces of furniture welcom your for a luxurious cocoonig experience.

san francisco FW17


From the post cards, we always think that this bridge is visible 100%. In fact, it’s always under fog and you’ll be lucky if you can see the full bridge at once. The pure size of the bridge with the icy sea under is a wonder of human accomplisshment! Park your car at the park under the bridge and you can walk on the decks and even see some sea lions at the docks. It’s beautiful from a
far, impressive from right under.


Three hours drive from San Francisco and you’re in one of the prehistoric wilderness that is what makes the United States and it’s national paks. We often forget how wild US can be and the beauty of the savage nature. Thinking about the film, Into the Wild or the photography of Ansel Adams who have captured the beauty of the migthy mountains. If you’re in need of fresh oxygen, away from the city – there is no place like Yosemite. You’ll come back refreshed in an incredibly oxygenated way.


If you are on the highway in the US and if you haven’t stopped in one of the drive through Five Guys, you haven’t experienced the US. This one on the National 205, off the city of Manteca is the best representation of the most standardized decor of the chain. By the way, it’s next to a gun shop.

panarea ss17


If you stay at Raya, obviously you’ll dine at the Raya restaurant, but even if you don’t stay at Raya, the restaurant is a must on the island. With the view of mount stromboli still erupting whit smokes from now and then, the sunset dinner with the break taking view is something you’ll never forget. Fresh fish catch of the day with a glass of Sicilian wine? What else can you sak for?


If you ever go to the island of Panarea, which is one of the Aeolian islands off the cost of Naples and above Sicily – most people confuse it with Pantelleria – you’ll know the reason why Italian aristocrats and families have chosen this little hidden island as a secret getaway. No cars allowed. Everything is by foot or a bike or golf carts! The dolce vita at its best. Hotel Raya was the refuge for the hippie spirited Milanese in the 70s breaking away from the conventional lifestyle but you can tell, they weren’t going to let go of comfort. It’s in the crossroads of lie of a hippie but someone who still loved luxury and nature.

palm sping FW16


This gas station is so famous so much so that the city made it into now the tourist information center. You cannot miss it. Designed by Albert Frey and Robson C. Chambers and built in 1965-it is a great example of modernist architecture. You can’t miss it.


We used to love Ace and still like Ace ie in London, NY… but there is something about the ACE in PALM SPRING that’s just so much better than all the other ACEs. Even if you are not an Ace fun, you’ll admit the in Palm Springs, the decor and interior and the history of this unique desert city will lure you to drive in and live the mid-century nostalgia.


A little less than an hour drive from Palm Spring is the National Park. Named after the trees also known as the Yucca. These unique trees are amazing creatures of nature – they look like hybrids of cactus and pines. You don’t want to touch them as their leaves are literally cactus needles and you obviously would never want to climb one neither. They are beautiful from a far. You also probably want to go when the sun in out. Once the sun goes down, the desert can be chilly, make sure to bring something warm even on a warm day.

miami ss16


We love primarily the sauna and the spa, the yellow chaise-longue next to the pool and the little private patio in front of the room entrance. We like the rooms too, but in that order. Who stays in the room when you’re in Miami anyway? A short jogging and workout on South Beach and then a healthy lunch at the poolside before a sauna session… Standard Miami lifestyle would be really nice in a more frequent rhythm. Until then, you might want to do that everyday while you’re in Miami.


About the time you want to venture off outside the Standard, a quick uber ride away is the Soho House. We prefer to stay at the Standard and have lunch or dinners at the Soho House. People watching at it’s best. There’s a feeling of being in Tulum while still being in the center of Miami. A must.

new-york fw15


It’s hard to choose a hotel in NY with so many choices. You may be an uptown person with a downtown vibe. Or a downtown person with no intentions on going about 14th street… Or not even getting out of Brooklyn? Whoever you are, Nomad is kind of the like the compromise and with Eataly across the street and Chelsea on your side, going Up or Down, you’re on a neutral zone, accessing to all, going for efficient location and above all not offending or upsetting any bipartisan friend.


This is our favorite hangout for the cheapest and yet the most authentic and delicious dumplings. 5 dumplings for 1$. It used to be 7 for 1$ in the early 2000s… Nevertheless, we love to pay a visit each time in the city as a pilgrenage back to the good old student days. It makes you feel instantly 20 years youbger. Who says no to that?


This Indonesian restaurant in Nolita is our new favorite in town. Opened in 2019 by Jean George’s son and his beautiful indonesian wife. The beautiful presented plates and the international clienteles makes this new New York address a definite Keeper.


We love Jean Imbert’s restaurant in Paris so obviously we also like his restaurant in NY! When we are in town and we miss the good old French vibe, this place does the job. Great service, affordably priced and of course, always delicious!


If you’re heading down to Canal street and Chinatown, a stop at the Glossier is a must. One always needs a thicker eyebrow and you want to stock up on their bestseller Boy Brow. Above all, you want to admire the pink decor and even if you don’t need 10 lip balms, you will still get them. That may be the danger. If you go, be prepared to leave not empty handed.

kyoto ss15


One of our favorite spots on earth. Just go really early in the morning before the tourists flock on every passage and you see more humans that greenness. This is a special sanctuary for the mind and the soul.


If you are looking for a traditional Japanese Ryokan, look no further. This one is one of my favorite. Authentic and of course it
comes with hot thermal bath, and for some right in your room. Dinner is served at the common dining room over looking the river.
If you are in Kyoto and you don’t visit Fushiminari, it’s like you went to Paris for this first time but didn’t see the Eiffel Tower. Please go. It’s a sportive hike if you want to do the whole circuit, basically you’ll be going through the mountains filled with shrines, from one holy temple to another and in between there are these ‘torii’ that were donated by individuals or companies to the temple. A spiritual walk through the woods. Beautiful and worth the effort.



Next to the Benkei ryokan, there is the Arabica coffee shop – probably the best coffee shop in Kyoko. Each morning on your way out to explore Kyoto, I pick up my flat white… Best way to start the day!

tokyo fw14


Narukiyo has become THE Izakaya over the years. A little pearl for the insiders. And above all loved by the Parisian fashion people who goes to Tokyo on work of pleasure trips. It’s easy to enter, friendly, the food is great and you feel right at home when you go back each time to find your favorite counter seat. Have a feel of a hip Izakaya in the city center.

GYM 360

This Australian-owned Gym is a coz gym tucked in Roppongi. Frequented by locals and expats living in the area, this is a great place to keep in shape during when you’re in town for work or pleasure. Morning work out classes and end of the day yoga sessions to wind down. Get the 10 session pass and get to know the residents while doing that sun salutation stretch.


With your friend, business meeting or a catch up with your mom? Or a meeting with up with a lover you’ve never met before? Or you just want to have your good old glass of whisky by yourself? No problems, this mythic place at Park Hyatt Tokyo accommodates all. It mimics the mood you’re in and the space transforms in the mood you want it to be. A must go when you’re in town.


As weird and sci-fi as it sounds. LaQua is a hot thermal bath spas inside a building. Story says it that while Tokyo city was
digging the ground to create the theme park with jet coaster in front of the building, they discovered a source underground (well, technically in Japan the whole island is on top of a crate, so if you dig any where deep enough, you would normally have a source for hot thermal spa). LaQua is perfect if you want to calm your body in in hot thermal water but without having to travel far outside of Tokyo. It’s clean, it’s in the city center and
guess what, you can also check in very later after a night out.