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Anta ✕ Michino Paris


Anta Sport is China’s number 1 national sports brand with over 7000 store nationwide. Michino Paris is an independent brand, laboratory of creative expression designed by Yasu Michino. Prior to 18 Years in Paris, and 8 years in the New York, Yasu lived in Beijing and Hong Kong during his youth. Anta and Michino Paris joined forces to create an exclusive line of sports bags that unites a single vision of ‘East meets West’. ‘ANTA HOOK’ is the concept of the collection and the meaning behind the hook originates from the form of Anta’s logo which is an arrow. The hook represents the arrow and the arrow in turn represents the strength and will of the determination of a sportsman/women who aim to achieve the goal of a challenge. Anta x Michino Paris designs tell the story of a determined individual seizing the challenge, having the determination and the will power to go beyond one’s comfort zone.